Dear Robin,

Once again many thanks for all you did for us during this Covid-19 virus period.

Without you a this time er never could have done it. you were able to sort it all out and carry through. The donations to the charity and the cleaning up of our home for the new owners.

All the best to you and in a heartbeat we will recommend AOM to anyone who needs your services.

Phyllis & Sheldon
May 2020

Thank you for the OUTSTANDING job you did on the estate sale at my parents’ home. I appreciated your professionalism and attention to detail - and that of your entire staff. I was impressed with your excellent design sense and ability to stage the home - showing off each piece at its finest. Above all, I appreciated your integrity. It’s been a pleasure working with you and I’m delighted to recommend your services to others.
Connie Glaser Best-Selling Author and Syndicated Columnist
February 2018
Hi Robin

We want to thank you, Carl and your team for the friendly and professional handling of our estate sale items. Pickup went so smoothly and from then on, we were freed from our concerns about managing that major piece of our move to a new home. Photos posted on your web page displayed several of our pieces to great advantage, and we were happy that so many items sold. Thank you also for sending us a donation receipt to a non-profit organization for the items that didn't sell.

It was a pleasure to work with you and we will recommend you to anyone we know who may be moving.

Kathy and Angelos Constantinides
April 2016
Dear Robin,

I'm writing to thank you for the outstanding job you did organizing and running our estate sale in January. We were "over the moon" with the results. Our profits far exceeded expectations, but more importantly, we were impressed with how professionally and sensitively you and your team handled our treasures.

Downsizing is difficult...and parting with so many things that evoke happy memories may be the hardest part. Knowing that our items were carefully displayed and sold or donated (and didn't end up in a landfill) has made the move easier.

Congratulations on another successful sale. With warm regards,
Cynthia and Alan J.
January 2016
Hi Robin-

First of all, huge compliment to Cole. He is fantastic! Professional, kind, efficient and definitely ran a tight ship today. It was a pleasure working with him to wrap things up.

Beyond the sale, it was more important to us that our mom would have been proud of how everything was displayed and cared for. A few of her friends stopped by the sale and each called to let me know my mom would have been very pleased. She was a very vibrant person and truly loved her home, her art and her furniture, so thank you for treating everything with such care and dignity. This is a hard chapter to close and we greatly appreciated your help.
Best to you and your great team.

P. G. March 2015
April 2015
Dear Robin, What a fabulous job you did for us! We are very, very delighted! Your experience plus knowledge suggested to us you were not only sensible but very profitable! If I bump into someone who needs guidance like you provided to us, I’ll give you a 5 star rating. Most pleased, we are,
Isabel & Chuck Himeloch
August 2014
Robin and Carl,

Please know that Mark, Darlene and Cole were so very helpful with our predicament today. The man we hoped would move our purchase from Pleasant Lake Court today caused us significant grief via his promise to pick up our purchase at noon and other failures throughout the day.

Jan rented a truck at 4pm and with the help of COLE, Darlene and Mark we managed to get our 2 beautiful white chairs from your sale location, very late in the afternoon.

We thank you for hiring such fine, courteous and helpful staff.

Please extend our thanks to Cole for schlepping, tying and tending to our pick up as I could not make it. Darlene helped us protect the WHITE chairs as Jan left our furniture blankets in her car at Home Depot and Mark hung tight for us and dealt with our wacky mover.

YOU are the premiere estate sale marketer and provide the most value to your customers of all others. Only hope someone like you is in business when we liquidate our collection of furnishings and other high value home decor.

Thanks so much!!!

M & J Sockness
M & J Sockness
August 2014
Hi Amazing Woman,

Our family is overjoyed and stunned by what you’ve accomplished with our home and it’s contents. Our son often said “expect a miracle” I believe you are a miracle worker.

Kind Regards,

Jeannette Drumm
March 2014
Dear Robin & Staff,

Mark and I can't thank you enough for the incredible job you did at our estate sale! You operate a top notch business comprised of professionalism, respect and above all honesty! You and your staff created a beautiful showing of our pieces and poured your heart into the sale (making fair decisions and helping others as well). We were blown away with your detailed paperwork accounting for every piece down to the last penny as well as your community service; your donation truck to help those in the inner city! Kudos to you all and what you do! May you continue to your success operating an honest and professional service while helping those around you!

Sincerely & with gratitude,

Dr M & L Kohn
January 2014
I want to thank you for the estate sale web site. I really like it.
With regards,
K. R. January 2014
January 2014
I wanted to compliment you and your staff on the estate sales you hosted in Novi and Northville this past weekend. It was a pleasure to shop for treasures in such beautiful homes. The sales were well organized and the staff was efficient and cordial.

S.R. May 2013
S. R.
May 2013
Dear Robin,

I have to compliment you on the outstanding job you did for my parent’s estate sale. Your professionalism was obvious from the minute you came to the house to evaluate their belongings. I had interviewed other companies and no one knew their value of items like you did.

I was not present at the sale as it was impossible for me to travel back with work. I knew I could trust you completely and that the sale would be a complete success. I heard that there were almost 500 people each day.

I was amazed at the pictures and the way you set up the things to look so appealing. You left the house spotless and sold almost everything.

I will recommend you for years to come and wish you would bring your business to the Chicagoland area.

I was so pleased that our attorney and friend Aubrey Tobin recommended you because you really are a gem.

Thank you again for your kindness, honesty, and professionalism.

Warm Regards,

Sheryl A
April 2013
I only go to your estate sales. You are far and away the best at what you do. Always amazing......

March 2013
Dear Robin,

Rob and I want to thank you for the extraordinary job you did with our estate sale. From the initial consultation to the final clean-up you were courteous, professional, patient, and incredibly successful. Thank you again and again.


L & R Goudsmit
January 2013
Robin, Thanks for writing. It was a wonderful sale today; you always have the best sales! I just need to stop going to the other sales. All of your workers are kind and wonderful. Some sales that I go to, the items are not priced and YOU always have everything priced and in perfect condition. Sorry that I did not get the coat for my Mother. She said she did not want to get one unless she tried it on first, but I do appreciate you helping me. Thanks again.
January 2013
Hello Robin:
Thank you for sending me the list. This was the best way to handle our move and you made it easy for us. Thank you for your help.
I will recommend you to our friends.
November 2012
November 2012

I cannot say enough positive things about Robin and her crew. From the first time we met, to receiving our final summary and check, they conducted themselves with a thoroughness and professionalism that seems almost nonexistent in the world today.

We were impressed in particular with the following things:
1) The simplicity of their contract;
2) The respectful, thoughtful, and artistic way they staged and organized all the items to be sold;
3) The complete accounting of all merchandise sold;
4) The professional way everything was organized - we didn't have to search for answers to our questions about our items and how they were handled;
5) The fair and knowledgeable way in which she priced the items.

The days of the sale, Robin covered all carpets and marked and labeled everything clearly. She had enough helpers walking around the house to ensure security, and had smaller items carefully guarded to avoid theft.
My mother had to clean her house out completely, and we really do not know how we would have managed this on our own. Robin exceeded our expectations and we will happily and wholeheartedly recommend AOMestatesales to anyone who wants a successful, well managed, and profitable estate sale.

September 2012
Robin, I got your check in the mail today and I can only say WOW! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. You were organized and efficient and I truly appreciate it. Thanks again
January 2012

RobinWe are happy with the outcome! We could have never done it ourselves for sooo many reasons! You were the 4th person we interviewed and you presented yourself so well! We made the right choice. We never would have guessed the gross sales, crazy! Thanks for tracking our Mom’s sales separate. I’ll recommend you to others.
January 2012

Thank you, and Yes, indeed, we were more than satisfied with your handling of the sale and while I think this is our last move, we would recommend you to anyone.

Thanks again.

F & J Buesser
July 2011
Dear Robin and Staff
The purpose of this note is to let you know how grateful I am to your company for providing me with the support I needed to make my moving transition a smooth one. Each one of your staff was so kind, positive and compassionate. Your professionalism was exemplary. Your pricing of things to be sold was appropriate and based on your research and experience.
From the initial meeting where the contract was signed till the text message letting me know you were leaving in 5 minutes I was confident and felt you were in control every step of the way. You welcomed my presence and respected my thoughts as we made decisions about things to be left in the sale and pricing. You were sensitive as my emotional attachment evolved and I made last minute decisions about items to be included in the sale.
As you staged the sale I was in awe of the beautiful placing of artwork and furniture in a way that showcased my home. I was proud to have customers attending the sale.
Leaving my home in the condition I wanted to would have been impossible without your help. I was proud as I turned my home over to the new owners. It truly was a reflection of me.
With Sincere Appreciation

August 2011
Dear Robin

Wanted you to know I received the packet yesterday and was so impressed with your inventory and explanation. It was an honor to work with you and I knew the moment I met you at the first estate sale I attended that you were honest and well qualified. I feel fortunate to have chosen you and wanted to pass that thought along.

Yesterday I did some unpacking and found a Hibel that I bought at one of your sales. It is a favorite of mine.

Good luck to you and I certainly will miss going to your sales. They were always so much fun, looking at things and even the houses. Nothing fun like that around here.

March 2011
Dear Robin,

Words cannot express my deep appreciation & gratitude for doing my mom’s estate sale. I am so impressed with your expertise and professional style. You were such a pleasure to work with – kind, patient, & caring. You made a difficult time much easier to manage.

Thank you so much for going back to the condo for us to get the wall units and remaining items the buyers didn’t want. That was
so nice & helpful of you! You saved me a lot of grief & time. Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you again for all your hard work, time, energy & help. It was a very successful sale, & I’m so pleased!

I hope to see you at one of your sales in the future. Thank you so much, Robin. You are the Best!


L Cohn
February 2011
Hi Robin, Thank you for sending the receipts and the cd, it was fun going through all that and we certainly enjoyed seeing the pictures. It was my pleasure to have met you and your staff and to see what a great job you all do when you take on a job. From the first day to the last you took over and transformed our home, protected the carpets and cleaned up after everything was out of the house and left it as though nothing had transpired there. I have to admit I think I could have stayed in Florida and phoned in my wishes and you and your staff would have handled everything just as beautifully as you did. I told my realtor that should anyone inquire about estate sales, to be sure and refer them to you. Thank you and your staff for your hard work (going to the back yard with all that snow piled high and carrying all that furniture) and still keeping a smile. Fondly remembered,
February 2011
Hi Robin,

My deepest gratitude to you and your lovely staff for conducting the estate sale on August 20 & 21, 2010. You were my savior! Mrs. B. and I were really impressed with the set up of the estate sale conducted by you and your team. The organized sale indeed had a great turn out; all because of you!

Acting as the Power of Attorney/Caregiver, I was so grateful to have had your name referred to me as a lady who gets the job done! Your professionalism, attentiveness, and knowledge made our estate sale a success! I truly thank you on behalf of Mrs. B. and myself. It was indeed a pleasure working with you, and I have referred your service to the elders I continue to provide care to! I hope to see you at some of your future estate sales!

Wishing you a safe and blessed 2010 Holiday Season.

Yours truly,

Soraya B
August 2010

Thank you again for your great work at our mom’s estate sale. Your hard work and professionalism did not go unnoticed. We certainly will recommend you to anyone we know needing your services.

Thanks again,

March 2010
Dear Robin, I write to thank you for the work you did in handling the disposal of my mother’s household furnishings following her death in late July of this year. My family was overwhelmed with grief and at the same time had to face the dismantling of her condominium after it quickly sold in late September – just 14 days after we had put it on the market. In the property listing, we had promised immediate occupancy to the buyer, but were caught unprepared when the closing date was arranged within two weeks of the sale. Your company was able to arrange an Estate Sale only days after I contacted you. Your crew came into the condominium, arranged and displayed all items, determined the prices, put pictures of everything on your website and conducted the sale just days before our closing required us to vacate the premises. We especially appreciated that your company left the condominium spotless after the sale, including placing plastic sheeting on the floors (on the first sale day we had a rain storm and we didn’t have to worry about visitors soiling the carpet), sweeping and vacuuming the floors after the sale, putting the garbage out for pickup on garbage day and arranging for a charity to pick up whatever did not sell. You took care of everything for us. We had no duties or responsibilities once you and your crew took over and nothing to worry about. Thank you, for your quick response and for the efficient and professional way you conducted the sale. Sincerely,
Patricia B
October 2009
Hi Robin,

Just to let you know how much we appreciate all of the work that you did for our estate sale. You and Carl and the rest of your staff were so great to work with and so very professional at every step. We feel very lucky to have chosen your company to handle the sale. We had many nice comments from visitors of the sale about how carefully things were displayed and sold.

We are hoping that having the house for sale at the same time will get people interested in the wonderful lakeside setting we experience every day. Keep your fingers crossed.

We are very happy with the way things turned out.

Thanks again,

Pat & Stuart T
August 2009
Hi Robin,

Thank you for your kind words, I do enjoy your sales. By far you put on the most professional, clean and extremely organized sales that I ever attend! And of course, you are always so willing and happy to assist your customers with anything. Thanks again and see you at the next one.

September 2009

Just a note of thanks for all your work.

What you were able to do and accomplish for us went far beyond
our estate sale objectives. Thank you for all your concern to be
both professional and honorable in your dealings. You deservedly
earned your just commission and are a great example to any
who wish to see true business professionalism.

I wish you the best in all your dealings and once again - Thank You
and may God bless you.

Sincerely and appreciatively yours,

August 2009
To Whom It May Concern:

Honest, hardworking, knowledgeable. These are the words that led me to Robin Cohen and her staff at Antiques on Main Estate Sales.

I was in a region I was not familiar with. I was in a circumstance I had never experienced, unexpected hospice soon followed by death. My head was spinning with the thought of having to close this estate in a very short amount of time. I was away from my home and children. I had the fear of losing a job if I stayed away too long. I knew I couldn’t come back. Grieving seemed to take a backseat.

As I spoke to residents of Michigan during my stay I kept hearing the same remarks about Robin and Antiques on Main Estate Sales. Honest, hardworking and knowledgeable. No other agency received these praises from so many.

Robin answered my telephone call the same day. She made an appointment and came to meet with me the following day. Robin stated in a clear concise manner what she and her staff could do to help me when I was ready. She demonstrated the utmost respect for my situation.

Robin and her team arrived on time each day and often worked 12 hour days. They knew the answer to any questions I had, from township guidelines to places to eat!

Robin and her team had a rhythm to their work. Each player had a part. Research, staging, prepping, and set up. Everyone was pleasant and highly respectful of the situation in which they worked. The home took on a new life and the sale was flawless. I was able to travel back home with the peace of mind that I had done my best.

I would highly recommend Antiques on Main Estate Sales.

With much appreciation,

Laurie E
Thanks so much!!! I really appreciate all of your hard work!!! I will recommend you to everyone!!! You are FABULOUS!!! And such a pleasure to deal with.
May 2009
Hi Just wanted to say you guys are amazing. You do such a nice job setting these Estate sales together and are always so friendly and helpful. On another note, might I suggest that when "taping" prices if there is another alternate way, as sometimes when I go to take the tape off it is on solid and rips the paint or paper off of the item, just sharing my concern. Thanks for listening and again. Thanks for ANOTHER GREAT SALE!
April 2009
Dear Robin,

I received your letter with the list of items sold and the very nice check, making me both impressed and appreciative of your ability to sell these items at substantial prices. It's comforting to think that our former family possessions are now in places where they will be taken good care of.

My life here at Timber Ridge in Issaquah, WA continues to be wonderful - so many interesting people to socialize with, activities every day and excellent food.

Thanks again for your efforts.


Bill W
April 2009

Hi Robin,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much
I love your estate sale advertising. I look every week and see them all...and yours are above and beyond everyone else's.
You do a fantastic job...with the pics too !!!

Have a wonderful day...see you soon :)

March 2009
Dear Antiques on Main,

My husband and I discovered the joy of estate sale shopping a couple of years ago. Since then, we have decorated our home with so many unique and beautiful items that we would never have been able to afford from a retail shop. Who would want to anyhow! Family and friends tell us our home looks like it belongs in a magazine or they feel like they are on a movie set.

Many of our treasured items have been purchased from your estate sales. We try not to miss an estate sale by Antiques on Main and! We have learned that your sales are THE best sales to attend! Most often, estate sales are disorganized, over-priced and the items are dirty and grimy. There have been many times we have been in a home where some of the rooms look like a garbage dump. I always know that when I am going to an estate sale by Antiques on Main, the people that operate it have gone over every single item and have cleaned and organized it better than most department stores do. NEVER have I found something that is just thrown to the side or piled up in a corner. It is a pleasure to view the items in your sales. Your company displays everything beautifully and the people that work your sales are always so nice and friendly.

I also love the fact that I am getting expert advice from you, unlike most other estate sales that we have been to. I know you are knowledgeable and honest about your items. I just wanted to say thank you! I can see that all of you work very hard at what you do and I wanted to tell you that someone out here notices your efforts and truly appreciates them. See you at the next sale!

Jeanne townsend
January 2009
Dear Robin,

The package with all the information about the estate sale and the proceeds check arrived via DHL Express delivery on Thursday of this week. It's an impressive amount of information you assembled and I do appreciate the records of all those many items we once owned.
Following your instructions I was able to access and print copies of the sale announcement posted on the website with its 99 photographs of the house contents. - Good photos, nicely presented.

I wanted to tell you that I am very pleased with the estate sale and have great admiration for your capability, resourcefulness and hard work. You more than earned your portion of the proceeds. I also have admiration for the support given by your husband and sons. It's a wonderful family you have.

Bill W
October 2008
In regards to your sale this past weekend, I was there on Saturday and Sunday and I am writing to thank you for having the sale. YOU and all of your workers are so nice and kind. It was wonderful to find every item with a price tag on it. I did not have to go and ask, like the sales that another estate sale company has. Thanks again and I wish I had more money with me. I would have bought a few more things that I wanted. If you have some type of mailing list, I would sure like to be on it for your next sale. Thanks again for having your sale. I sure appreciate all of your kindness and helpful workers, especially the nice young man with the dark hair that was writing things up on Sunday afternoon. He was so patient with me because I was so concerned if I had enough money and he was so kind about it.
James S
September 2008
Robin Cohen is nothing short of amazing!
My parent’s condo sold in North Wabeek and an estate sale was indicated. It was by good fortune Robin was holding a sale nearby and I happened to stop in. I looked at how she priced all the personal property, displayed items , her staff and the organization which everything was carried out in was truly noteworthy. I at that point knew I would love to do business with her.
Days later, she arrived punctually to view my parent’s condo. She looked at everything; from the garage to the lower level, researched specific signed items for pricing, asking for any concerns or questions which I may have and said she would love to do this sale. Believe me, I was the more excited one to have found her! I loved her staff; they were all so very kind, honest and hard working. The way Robin staged the condo with all the priced items was spectacular. All crystal was washed, linens folded and starched and silver polished and all displayed in such lovely shelving units. It really looked better than I ever remembered… sorry mom. Robin completely transformed my parent’s condo.
At the end of the 3-day sale, left over goods were itemized and donated to a wonderful charity that Robin contacted. It felt good knowing all of my parent’s possessions were being recycled if you will to help others. The entire condo was vacuumed and swept clean at the end of the sale. Robin typed out in detail what was donated along with the charity’s receipt. Post sale a large envelope arrived in the mail containing the numbered receipts listing the purchase price people paid, digital photos were also taken prior to the sale and were included in my package along with my check. It was all so well executed from the beginning to the end.
It is truly without hesitation that I am recommending Robin Cohen of AOM ESTATE SALES to do your estate sale or act as your professional appraiser- you will enjoy her vivacious personality and respect her knowledge.

June 2008
“Robin, I just wanted to write you to tell you that you're fabulous, and a life saver!
After we had that disastrous first estate sale, we didn't know what to do. As you know, most of the furniture and smalls were left. My husband was devastated (for his father) and I was sick about the horrible job the first guy did. The house was trashed!
We didn't know what we were going to do with all of the 'stuff', we couldn't tell my 93 year old father in law that no one liked his stuff. I decided to call you and see if you would help us sell the rest, even though we (mistakenly) didn't use you as our first choice estate sale person. When I called, you were so unbelievably gracious and kind. You came out that evening to see what we were dealing couldn't believe what had transpired, and there on the spot you promised to help us find good homes for the rest of the stuff. When you said you would have a 1 day sale the following Saturday, we were so relieved we could have cried. It worked out so perfectly! You sold 99% of the remaining contents, and got great prices for everything. Not to mention, you left the house spotless, and even waited at the house for the few donated items to be picked up. Which was great for us, since we live in Indiana and no one else could have been there. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated all of your help, you were truly a life saver!
You were such a mench about are terrific, I wish I lived there so I could tell everyone about you.
When I am ready for an estate sale here in Indy, I hope I can talk you into coming here!
Take care and thank you again...sooo much”

P.S. “It's all true! Thank you thank you thank you!”
Tracey F
April 2008
“Robin, I wanted to thank you again for all the hard work you did for the estate sale at my Mom’s. It was a difficult situation for me and you took care of everything! I have recommended you to many! Thank you so much”

Jill C
March 2008
“Once again, I love how you are advertising your sales!!! You have definitely left your competition in the dark ages!! I wanted to tell you how much I love that you share pictures of some of the contents of the home that is for sale. I am inquiring about the rugs you mention. I am still looking and trying to find a non machine made oriental rug. Can you share any information on them with me? Thanks!”

April 2008
“I really think you have the best estate sales. The prices are fair; you are knowledge and most of all PLEASANT, which I can certainly say is not true for all the other estate sales companies.”

Ingrid H
August 2007
“Thanks for putting the fun back into estate sales. I want to commend you on the way you conduct your estate sales. Your e-mails that give the times, location and a summary of the items entice people to attend. Your sales are clean, very well organized and your fair prices are clearly displayed. Your staff is pleasant and helpful. Additionally, having the young men who help carry our purchases is a plus.”
October 2005